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23rd Jul 2009

New Development Helps Firm Grow

The owners of Ashington pet store Animal Tracks have been able to increase their range of services after a move to new premises has allowed them to double their floor space.

Helen Edwards and Jason Seymour decided to move their business to one of 18 new units at Waterside Court, a development by EJ Stone, built with funding from GO Wansbeck. Helen explains: "The empty unit gave us a blank canvas, which was very useful as it has allowed us to build a mezzanine floor and install fixtures and fittings we didn't previously have, like an indoor fish house which houses 47 fish tanks, as well as spacious housing for reptiles, two bird aviaries and two rabbit/guinea pig runs."

"The extra space has meant that we can bring in more exotic animals, enabling us to educate and inform the public about rare animals. We currently have a giant Gambian pouch rat, and we've previously had de-scented skunks, coatimundis and matamata turtles." The move has also allowed them to take on two full time and one part time member of staff.

The location of Animal Tracks in Wansbeck has paid dividends for Helen and Jason, with Helen commenting, "Ashington is a very up-and-coming place. There's a good vibe around here with a lot of different customers."

"Our advertising is minimal, we rely on word of mouth and recommendation but we've seen our sales increase considerably since we moved to Waterside Court. Our old premises are close by too, so our regular customers have been able to find us easily."

Also amongst their developments is Footprints, personalised care packs for new pet owners. Provided free of charge, these unique care packs give pet owners information on the best way to raise and care for their chosen animal.

Working with local veterinary centre, Robson and Prescott, Helen and Jason have developed the packs with the welfare of each individual animal in mind and they are intended to ensure that both owner and pet forge a good relationship from the outset. Go Wansbeck programme manager Keith Raine said, "There's a lot of trade in the Ashington area, particularly on the new developments. Businesses like Animal Tracks perfectly illustrate the benefits that the area can provide entrepreneurs, with larger spaces available at a reasonable price and the freedom for companies to develop the way they need to."

Animal Tracks and the Meerkats
Animal Tracks, Waterside Court, Ashington